Federal long-term care allowance

At the end of 2019 a total of 467 752 people received a long-term care allowance on the basis of the Federal Act for Long-Term Care Allowance (+5 573 and +1.2% resp. compared to 2018; excluding persons with an inactive care allowance entitlement). This number also included the beneficiaries of former provincial long-term care allowances (end of 2019: 72 789) The Laender’s previous long-term care benefit acts were repealed on 31 December 2011 and responsibilities for long-term care allowance were transferred from the Laender to the federal government. Since this Act came into force at the beginning of July 1993, the long-term care allowance has been awarded according to the required care needs (and regardless of income and assets) at seven allowance levels (2019 level 1: €157.30; level 2: €290.00; level 3: €451.80; level 4: €677.60; level 5: €920.30; level 6: €1 285.20; level 7: €1 688.90).

At the end of 2019 63% of the beneficiaries were women. The majority of people in need of long-term care received support at the lower levels: 68% of beneficiaries drew an allowance that fell within the first three levels, the remainder within the four higher levels. The percentage split between the allowance levels was identical for women and men (each 68%). However, there are significant differences between the genders when age is also taken into account. The percentage of people older than 60 was at all levels higher for women than for men (the difference was highest at levels 6 and 7).

Expenditure on the federal long-term care allowance in 2019 was around €2.64 bn (including administrative costs; -0.7% compared to 2018). The average allowance amounted to €5 807 per year or €484 per month (the allowance is paid 12 times per year).

In 2020, an annual average figure of 467 136 people received federal long-term care allowance (including persons with an inactive care allowance entitlement). The annual expenditure (excluding administrative costs) was around €2.71 bn.

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Results (overview): Federal long-term care allowance

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