Press release: 12.457-048/21

International Women's Day 2021: Gender Pay Gap well above EU average despite decline

Vienna, 2021-03-03 – In 2019, women earned 19.9% less per hour gross than men in the private sector. This means that the gender pay gap in Austria has decreased by 4.4 percentage points since 2009. In an EU comparison, however, Austria is still clearly above the European average of 14.1% (EU-27: 2019). Analyses by Statistics Austria show that differences in the labour market explain part of the gender pay gap.

"Despite the noticeable decline in the last ten years, the gender pay gap in Austria is still very high. In an EU comparison, the gender pay gap was only larger in Latvia and Estonia in 2019. Important factors influencing the pay gap include the economic sector, part-time employment and the length of service in the company, whereby part-time work of women is in turn influenced by the parenthood factor" says Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas.

An analysis of various factors influencing the gender pay gap shows, that the gap can be explained partly due to differences in observed characteristics. Based on the data for the year 2018, the gender pay gap decreases from 20.4% to 14.0%, if the indicator is adjusted by characteristics such as economic sector, occupation, education, age, length of service, full- and part-time, type of employment contract, region or size of the enterprise.

Thus, only 6.4 percentage points of the gender pay gap can be explained by the observed characteristics. Most of the explained part can be attributed to the sectoral segregation of the labour market (2.9 pp). Other important factors affecting the gender pay gap are full-time and part-time work (2.6 pp), the length of service in the enterprise (1.7 pp) and occupation (1.6 pp).

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