Consumer durables in private households

The prevalence of durable consumer goods in private households and living standard indicators were surveyed regularly from the beginning of the 1970s to the beginning of the 1990s in conjunction with the micro census special surveys. Because these living standard indicators are of primary importance as additional information in the context of the households’ expenditure and income, from 1999/2000 onwards they were integrated into the questionnaire of the Household Budget Survey. A number of consumer durables are also surveyed in conjunction with EU-SILC (EU-SILC 2004 (PDF 1,91MB), EU-SILC 2005 (PDF 2,02MB) and EU-SILC 2009 (PDF 1,73MB) see tables 2.1a to 2.2b in each case, available in German only). More detailed information about computer and Internet usage is provided by a dedicated survey concerning the usage of information and communication technology (ICT) in private households.

Consumer durables in private households 2009/10


77% of all households have at least one car. While in rural areas 86% of all households have a car available, the figure in Vienna is just 59%. In percentage terms, households in Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Carinthia have the most cars (86% respectively 85%). 22% of households do without a motor vehicle.


The decrease in fixed line telephone connections that has been observed since the late 1990s continues. While 71% of households had a fixed line telephone five years ago, the figure for 2009/10 was just 59%. On the other hand, mobile telephones enjoyed a remarkable increase: while around 80% of households had a mobile phone in 2004/05, the figure rose to as high as 91% in 2009/10.

The percentage of private households with an internet connection also increases: In 2009/10 more than two third of the households had access to the World Wide Web.

Precautionary insurance

The number of households in which the members have taken out life insurance and/or a pension policy has risen slightly from 50% to 54% compared with 1999/2000. There have also been slight increases in health/accident insurance policies: in 52% of households at least one person in the household is protected by a policy of this kind (1999/2000: 49%).

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Results (overview): Communication, consumer durables and financial protection

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