Press release: 12.288-128/20

Child and youth welfare in 2019: 36 509 minors supported in, 12 785 outside of their families

Vienna, 2020-07-28 – In 2019, 36 509 children and adolescents received educational support while they remained in their families ("Unterstützung der Erziehung"), whereas 12 785 minors were in residential care or lived in foster families ("volle Erziehung"). The percentage of boys was higher in both support services ("Unterstützung der Erziehung": 54.5%; "volle Erziehung": 53.6%).

The total expenditure (also including help for young adults) was €675.2 million in 2019. The receipts out of reimbursements by the persons obliged to provide maintenance amounted to €41.4 million (net expenditure: €633.7 million). Three quarters of the total expenditure fell upon residential care and foster parents.

Data on child and youth welfare are based on information submitted by the Laender. Data collection and publication is regulated by federal law ("Bundes-Kinder- und Jugendhilfegesetz 2013").

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