Family and Employment

Results from the labour force survey show that in most families, only women take the opportunity to take parental leave or reduce their working hours to care for children.

Nonetheless, female employment patterns have changed fundamentally in the last decades. The difference between male and female employment rates has decreased from 23.8 percentage points in 1994 to 10.7 percentage points in 2020. However, when children below the age of 15 live in the household, the difference in the labour market participation of men and women widens: In 2020, 90.9 per cent of men and 67.7 per cent of women with children below 15 were actively participating in the labour market - resulting in a gap of 23.2 percentage points. Nevertheless, this gap has narrowed significantly over the last decades: In 1994, only 52.4 per cent of women but 94.5 per cent of men with children below 15 years were employed, creating a gap of 42.1 percentage points.

Although employment of women has increased significantly since 1994, part-time employment dominates female career paths – especially those of women with small children. The share of women with children below 15 years working part-time only expanded from 39.1 per cent in 1994 to 72.3 per cent in 2020. Thus, total hours worked have not increased with the same speed as employment rates.

Results (overview): Development of employment and part-time employment rates

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Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie, Modul der Arbeitskräfteerhebung 2018
This publication provides the main results of the 2018 ad hoc module to the European Labour Force Survey on "Reconciliation of work and family life". All persons of the first wave of the Austrian LFS ...

Release date: 12/2019 ISBN:978-3-903264-34-2




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Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie, Modul der Arbeitskräfteerhebung 2010
This publication presents the results of the 2010 ad-hoc module for the European Labour Force Survey, which focuses on the reconciliation between work and family life.

The module questionnaire ...

Release date: 11/2011 ISBN:978-3-902791-13-9




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