Observed 5-year survival among children and adolescents by diagnostic ICCC (sub)groups, Austria
Diagnostic group (ICCC)1)Effective number
at risk2)
survival (CO)3)4)
in %
Lower 95%
CI for CO
Upper 95%
CI for CO
0-14 years
Malignant Neoplasms total2)1.64785,683,987,1
I Leukaemia56089,987,392,1
a Lymphoid leukaemia45993,390,695,2
b Acute myeloid leukaemia6671,961,380,1
II Lymphomas25095,492,197,4
a Hodgkin lymphoma87100,0--
b Non-Hodgkin lymphoma9191,984,595,9
c Burkitt lymphoma3790,276,196,2
III CNS tumors26470,966,075,3
a Ependymoma3183,366,692,1
b Astrocytoma7665,556,173,4
c Intracranial and intraspinal embryonal tumors6867,056,975,3
IV Sympathetic nervous system tumors9279,671,086,0
a Neuroblastoma9180,271,586,5
V Retinoblastoma3297,080,499,6
VI Renal tumors9091,884,395,8
a Nephroblastome (incl. Wilm's tumor)8993,786,597,1
VII Hepatic tumors1493,361,399,0
VIII Malignant bone tumors8777,868,784,5
a Osteosarcoma4171,757,581,9
c Ewing's sarcoma3482,967,591,5
IX Soft tissue sarcomas8475,566,382,5
a Rhabdomyosarcoma4472,959,682,4
X Germ cell and gonadal tumors6497,088,499,2
XI Carcinomas and other epithelial tumors 9396,990,699,0
b Thyroid carcinoma27100,0--
d Malignant melanoma4295,583,098,8
XII Other and unspecified tumors1676,251,989,3
15-19 years
Malignant Neoplasms total2)94785,283,087,2
I Leukaemia10670,162,076,8
a Lymphoid leukaemia6174,763,682,9
b Acute myeloid leukaemia2556,841,069,9
II Lymphomas25191,587,594,3
a Hodgkin lymphoma16794,890,397,3
b Non-Hodgkin lymphoma6080,869,888,2
c Burkitt lymphoma11100,0--
III CNS tumors7073,162,981,0
a Ependymoma7---
b Astrocytoma2669,451,781,8
c Intracranial and intraspinal embryonal tumors9---
IV Sympathetic nervous system tumors4---
a Neuroblastoma2---
VI Renal tumors3---
VII Hepatic tumors3---
VIII Malignant bone tumors6369,058,077,8
a Osteosarcoma2763,946,177,2
c Ewing's sarcoma1653,633,869,8
IX Soft tissue sarcomas3662,548,573,7
a Rhabdomyosarcoma7---
X Germ cell and gonadal tumors13094,889,497,5
XI Carcinomas and other epithelial tumors 25396,293,097,9
b Thyroid carcinoma8598,892,099,8
d Malignant melanoma10698,192,899,5
XII Other and unspecified tumors2893,375,998,3