Cancer mortality among children and adolescents, Austria 2009-2018
Diagnostic group (ICCC)1)absolute numbersage-standardised rates2)
Malignant Neoplasms total27434139622,122,623,2
I Leukaemia5879904,75,45,2
II Lymphomas1113210,90,81,2
III CNS tumors961161267,87,77,4
IV Sympathetic nervous system tumors3132332,51,92,0
V Retinoblastoma1110,10,10,1
VI Renal tumors1415161,10,90,9
VII Hepatic tumors4450,30,20,3
VIII Malignant bone tumors2133451,72,42,6
IX Soft tissue sarcomas2428341,91,82,0
X Germ cell and gonadal tumors4680,30,40,5
XI Carcinomas and XII Other and unspecified tumors1014170,81,01,0