Public use data files of the PIAAC survey 2011/12

Based on the PIAAC survey 2011/12 there are different data files available:

  • Data of participating countries (including Austria), so-called Public Use Files (PUF), are available on the Website of the OECD.
  • For Austria, a Public-Use File Extended is provided with additional national education variables by Statistics Austria free of charge. When downloading these microdata you accept the pertaining Data Use Agreement (PDF, 14,6 KB). 
    PIAAC-Public-Use-File_Extended – zip (7,3 MB)
  • In case of scientific research there is a Scientific-Use File (SUF) available. This file contains all national variables. The SUF will be provided by Statistics Austria free of charge via CD-ROM after acceptance of a Data Use Agreement (PDF, 1,7 MB).

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