Energy consumption of households

Overall energy consumption of households

2017/2018 the overall energy consumption of Austrian households increased by 9 116 TJ or 3.3% compared to 2015/2016. During the same period the number of households grew by 1.3 % to 3 890 095. The number heating degree days 2017/2018 were 0.7% above those of 2015/2016. The energy consumption for space heating increased significantly stronger, namely 3.7% up to 199 965 TJ. A certain part of this consumption growth can be explained by the increase of heated floor area by 2.2% up to 401 679 479 m². The specific space heating demand by m² increased slightly from 0.490 GJ to 0.498 GJ compared to 2015/2016.

Different to the previous years the consumption of all fuels increased. The strongest growth was found in district heating (5 128 TJ or 17.0%) followed by electricity (2 318 TJ or 3.8%), renewables (785 TJ or 7.0%), oil (565 TJ or 1.4%). With 17.6% coal had the highest relative growth, but the absolute increase was only 136 TJ. In contrast, the number of households using coal decreased by 7 039 to 37 904.

Natural gas and wood based biofuels brought up the rear, both with 0.1% or 92 TJ and 91 TJ, respectively.

From an absolutely perspective biofuels (69 PJ) were on the top, followed by natural gas (64 PJ), electricity (63 PJ), oil (42 PJ), district heating (35 PJ), renewables (12 PJ) and coal (1 PJ).

On regional level household energy consumption increased in all Laender except Salzburg. Upper Austria is the leading region with a growth of +2 490 TJ or 5.2%, followed by Tyrol (+1 853 TJ or 8.0%), Styria (+1 732 TJ or 4.2%), Carinthia (+1.450 TJ or 6.6%), Lower Austria (+969 TJ or 1.5%), Vienna (+335 TJ or 0.8%), Burgenland (+314 TJ or 2.8%) and Vorarlberg (+190 TJ or 1.5%). In Salzburg the household energy consumption decreased by 16 TJ or 0.1%.

Gas journal 2006

A study on domestic natural gas consumption conducted in 2006 showed annual consumption results as follows: space heating 12.80 m³ (= 128.34181 kWh) by square meter, water heating 127 m³ (= 1 274.24193 kWh) and cooking 11 m³ (= 108.67838 kWh) by person und year.

Electricity- and gas journal – electricity and gas consumption as well as energy efficiency of Austrian households

The “Electricity- and gas journal“ describes a widespread collection of data on the electricity- and gas consumption in Austria starting in 2008 (time period: three to five years; current period: 2016). On the basis of household interviews, the inventory of electrical appliances and its use was surveyed. Furthermore, the households measured their specific electricity consumption of relevant appliances in use. Households connected to the natural gas grid also reported data concerning the consumption of natural gas for cooking, water heating and space heating. With this data the specific power consumption of “categories of consumption” such as space heating, water heating, lighting or large domestic appliances and entertainment electronics was calculated.

The report of the “Electricity- and gas journals 2008/2012/2016“ includes the evaluation of the equipment of electrical appliances and the electricity- and gas consumption, that is based on the “categories of consumption”. The results of the three surveys are validated, analysed and grossed up with a harmonised methodology. Additional information on age, size and energy efficiency category of the existing appliances was analysed and incorporated into the calculation of the specific power consumption.

An average household in 2012 consumed 3 964 kWh which is 92 kWh less than 2008. Between 2012 and 2016, average electricity consumption decreased further by 404 kWh to 3 560 kWh. Opposed to this development, electricity consumption of main heating systems based on electricity (including heat pumps) increased from 666 kWh in 2008 to 816 kWh in 2016. In 2016, an average household using a heat pump as main heating system consumed 9 185 kWh of electricity, which is over two thirds more than a household with another main heating system, which consumed 2 883 kWh. Between 2008 and 2016, the number of heat pumps used for space heating nearly tripled.

In 2008 and 2012, lightning is dominated by lightbulbs with a share of 55% and 41%, respectively. In 2016, LEDs equal them with 26% each.

During the winter period, electricity consumption averages 12 kWh per day in 2016, what is about 30% higher than during the summer period with 8 kWh (2008: 13 kWh in winter and 9 kWh in summer). In winter, distinctly more electricity is spent on space heating, lighting and drying laundry.

Modelling of electricity consumption in private households in Austria according to type of usage

Within this project a method for linking data records relating to electricity consumption in private households from different surveys (household energy consumption 2008, 2012 and 2016 surveys with the electricity and gas journal 2008, 2012 and 2016) by means of statistical matching was developed.

In addition to information about the heating system, overall electricity consumption, electricity consumption for space heating, water heating and cooking, the model also included socio-economic (number of individuals in the household and duration of stay in the dwelling) and property-related criteria (age of property, living area, number of dwellings in the property).

The data records were linked to the energy consumption of the household sector as published in the energy balance (as of 2017) for the period 2003 to 2016. Time series were generated from this data for the specific use purposes of electricity in private households.

Overall Energy Consumption of Households

Overall consumption of fuels 2017/2018
Overall consumption of fuels 2003 to 2018
Share of fuel on the overall fuel consumption of households by consumption purposes 2003 to 2018
Share of fuel aggregates on the overall fuel consumption of households by consumption purposes 2003 to 2018
Fuel consumption in all households by purposes 2003 to 2018
Fuel consumption in contributing households by purposes 2005 to 2018
Overall consumption of all fuels by purposes 2003 to 2018
Heating 2003 to 2018 by fuels used and heating system
Driven kilometres and fuel consumption of private cars by Länder 2000 to 2016
Carsharing by Länder 2015/2016

Electricity- and gas journal

Average electricity consumption of one household 2008, 2012 and 2016

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