Taxes and Social Contributions in Austria, revenue of General Government and the EU1)
Main aggregates according to ESA20172018annual change2019annual change2020annual change
in million €in %in million €in million €in %
D.2Taxes on production and imports52.79554.0372,455.8643,452.347-6,3
D.21 Taxes on products40.65441.7672,743.0133,039.917-7,2
D.29 Other taxes on production12.14112.2701,112.8514,712.430-3,3
D.5Current taxes on income, wealth, etc.48.14352.2568,554.4944,348.326-11,3
D.51 Taxes on income44.95449.0189,051.1714,445.006-12,0
D.59 Other current taxes n.e.c.3.1893.2391,53.3222,63.320-0,1
D.91 Capital Taxes2783205,911-86,31426,0
D.2 + D.5 + D.91Total tax receipts (ODA)100.966106.3765,4110.3693,8100.688-8,8
D.611 + D.613Actual social contributions54.23456.9925,159.4124,259.375-0,1
D.611Employers' actual social contributions25.28526.7105,627.8264,227.705-0,4
of which D.611cCompulsory social contributions25.28526.7105,627.8264,227.705-0,4
D.611vVoluntary social contributions-------
D.613Social contributions of private households28.94930.2824,631.5864,331.6700,3
of which D.613cCompulsory social contributions28.63229.9614,631.2504,331.3160,2
D.613vVoluntary social contributions3173211,23364,53545,4
D.995Amounts assessed but unlikely to be collected000517
D.995a, D995cValue added tax, Wage tax00-0-343-
D.995e, D995fEmployers' and households' actual social contributions00-0-174-
D.2 + D.5 + D.91 + D.611c + D.613c - D.995Total receipts from taxes and compulsory social contributions after deduction of amounts assessed but unlikely to be collected (ODD)154.883163.0475,3169.4463,9159.192-6,1
Indicator 2Total receipts from taxes and actual compulsory social contributions as percentage of GDP41,942,3-42,6-42,4-
D.612Imputed social contributions1.8071.757-2,81.703-3,11.641-3,7
D.2 + D.5 + D.91 + D.611 + D.613 + D.612 - D.995Total tax receipts and social contributions157.007165.1265,2171.4853,9161.186-6,0
Indicator 4Total receipts from taxes and social contributions including imputed social contributions as percentage of GDP42,542,8-43,1-42,9-
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 369.341385.3624,3397.5753,2375.562-5,5