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22.07.2021Expenditure on social protection amounted to €130 bn or 34.4% of GDP in 2020PDF40 KB
20.07.2021Tourism in Austria still reached around 7.5% of GDP in 2019, total spending amounted to €38 bn PDF66 KB
19.07.2021Passenger car one-day registrations increased by one fourth in 1st half of 2021; still well below 2019 levelPDF46 KB
16.07.2021Number of under three year olds in day-care centres increased by 77.0% within ten yearsPDF38 KB
16.07.2021Inflation remains at 2.8% in June 2021 (HICP: 2.8%)PDF42 KB
15.07.2021Regional foreign trade 2020: most Austrian federal states with declines PDF42 KB
15.07.2021Construction costs continue to rise in June 2021PDF37 KB
15.07.2021By one sixth more used passenger car registrations in first half of 2021PDF47 KB
12.07.2021Building permits reach record level in the first quarter of 2021; high residential construction activity in 2020 PDF47 KB
09.07.2021One fifth more new passenger car registrations in the 1st half of 2021, but still about one fourth less than in 2019PDF54 KB
09.07.2021Production index increased by 23.4% in May 2021PDF38 KB
08.07.2021Live birth 2020: 30.1% were caesareans; 7.0% born preterm PDF36 KB
07.07.2021Wholesale price index increased by 11.2% in June 2021PDF35 KB
06.07.2021Foreign trade in April 2021: significant increase in imports (+44.9%) and exports (+37.7%) in comparison to the weak results in April 2020PDF43 KB
30.06.2021Quarterly government debt at the end of March 2021: €326.9 bn or 87.4% of GDPPDF41 KB
30.06.2021Industrial producer prices increased by 6.0% in May 2021PDF38 KB
30.06.2021Tourism summer season 2021 starts with strong increase in overnight stays compared to May 2020, but far below pre-crisis levelPDF42 KB
30.06.2021Strong recovery of turnover in industry and construction (+38,6%) for May 2021; turnover increased by 5.0% compared to May 2019PDF44 KB
30.06.2021Inflation in June 2021 expected at 2.7% according to flash estimatePDF46 KB
29.06.2021139 fatalities in single-vehicle accidents in 2020; two thirds of all single-vehicle accidents caused by drivers of single-track vehiclesPDF60 KB
29.06.202137 356 new enterprises in 2019, enterprise creation rate 6.4%PDF37 KB
28.06.2021Austrian labour market during first quarter of 2021: still clearly marked by the Corona pandemic PDF40 KB
25.06.2021Foreign trade 2020 (final results): sharp decline in imports (-8.5%) and exports (-7.1%); in spite of Corona pandemic foreign trade volume of over €140 bnPDF43 KB
25.06.2021Raw milk production 2020: more cow milk, decreasing sheep and goat milk productionPDF52 KB
24.06.2021Number of deaths fluctuates since mid-MayPDF38 KB
17.06.2021Inflation increased to 2.8% in May 2021 (HICP: 3.0%) PDF44 KB
16.06.2021Summer holiday trips 2019-2021: domestic holiday trips and trips to Italy popularPDF61 KB
15.06.2021Construction costs continue to rise in May 2021PDF37 KB
10.06.2021Almost a quarter of the population in Austria has a migration backgroundPDF40 KB
10.06.2021Production index increased by 35.9% in April 2021PDF38 KB
10.06.2021New passenger car registrations rose by 11.3% in May 2021; alternative drives clearly on the risePDF50 KB
09.06.2021Number of convictions in 2020 at an all-time lowPDF64 KB
08.06.2021Foreign trade in March 2021: significant increase in imports (+23.7%) and exports (+16.8%)PDF41 KB
07.06.2021Wholesale price index increased by 10.9% in May 2021PDF36 KB
04.06.2021Historic 24.0% drop in turnover for service enterprises in the first quarter of 2021PDF36 KB
01.06.2021Household Budget Survey 2019/20: Monthly expenditures per household €3 250PDF44 KB
01.06.2021Inflation in May 2021 expected at 2.8% according to flash estimatePDF46 KB
31.05.2021Average Real Estate Prices for the year 2020PDF37 KB
28.05.2021Industrial producer prices went up by 4.6% in April 2021PDF38 KB
28.05.2021Strong turnover recovery in industry and construction (+46.0%) for April 2021; turnover increased by 7.2% in February 2021PDF44 KB
28.05.2021Tourism winter season 2020/21 registered a decrease in nights spent of 90,7% to 5.57 millionPDF41 KB
27.05.2021Number of deaths continues to decreasePDF39 KB
27.05.2021Fewer marriages and divorces in 2020PDF38 KB
27.05.2021Immigration ensured population growth in 2020 despite high number of deathsPDF40 KB
27.05.2021Environmental industry 2019: €42.7 bn output and 193 574 employeesPDF55 KB
26.05.2021Transport volume of Austrian enterprises in road freight transport decreased by 6.6% to 375.6 million tonnes in 2020PDF39 KB
25.05.2021Production index in March 2021 increased by 12.7%PDF37 KB
25.05.2021Average monthly rent in 2020 was €8.3 per square metre, for newly contracted private rents €10.8PDF38 KB
20.05.2021Number of deaths slightly decreased PDF39 KB
20.05.2021Number of naturalisations decreased by 2.0% to 2 402 persons in the first quarter of 2021PDF39 KB
19.05.2021Inflation decreased to 1.9% in April 2021 (HICP: 1.9%) PDF42 KB
14.05.2021Construction costs continue to rise in April 2021PDF37 KB
12.05.2021Number of deaths constant on high level PDF40 KB
12.05.2021The level of education in Austria is increasing: 18.1% of 25 to 64 year olds have a university degree or equivalentPDF39 KB
12.05.2021Fewer deaths and injuries in road accidents in 2020; inappropriate speed number one cause of fatal accidentsPDF131 KB
11.05.2021New passenger car registrations nearly doubled in April 2021; alternative powered passenger cars are significantly increasingPDF54 KB
10.05.2021Construction prices increased in all construction branches in the first quarter of 2021PDF37 KB
10.05.2021Bankruptcies decreased again sharply in the first quarter of 2021; registrations increased slightly PDF37 KB
07.05.202167.7% of mothers with children under 15 are employedPDF49 KB
06.05.2021Number of deaths increases again slightlyPDF39 KB
06.05.2021Turnover of Austrian retail trade increased by 23.6% in March 2021PDF37 KB
06.05.2021Foreign trade in February 2021: increase in imports (+3.7%) and exports (+3.1%)PDF40 KB
06.05.2021Wholesale price index increased by 8.7% in April 2021PDF36 KB
05.05.2021Road freight transport volume of Austrian enterprises increased by 18.1% in the first quarter of 2021PDF39 KB
04.05.2021Holiday trips declined by almost the half in 2020; declines related to holiday trips abroad significantly higher than for domestic tripsPDF62 KB
30.04.2021Industrial producer prices rose by 2.8% in March 2021PDF39 KB
30.04.2021Strong turnover recovery in industry and construction (+27.6%) for March 2021; turnover still decreased by 3.4% in January 2021PDF45 KB
30.04.2021Inflation in April 2021 expected at 1.9% according to flash estimatePDF46 KB
29.04.2021Number of deaths increased mid-AprilPDF39 KB
29.04.2021Crop production continues to decline in the 2019/20 agricultural yearPDF39 KB
29.04.20212.7% of the Austrian population were severely materially deprived in 2020; COVID-19 pandemic caused a rise in financial worries PDF45 KB
28.04.20212020/21 winter tourism season continues to stagnatePDF41 KB