Population at beginning of year/quarter

Population on 1 January 2022 in Austria
final results
8 978 929
Gone up +46 265 vs. 1 January 2021
Population on 1 October 2022 in Austria
preliminary results
9 090 868
Gone up +111 939 vs. 1 January 2022

Since 2002, the Central Population Register (ZMR) has formed the data basis for recording the population status in Austria. The results are available for the beginning of each quarter (reference dates 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October), with a more detailed breakdown at the beginning of each year. The number of inhabitants on the respective reference date includes persons, who have been registered with a main residence in Austria for more than 90 days around the reference date. Before 2002, population figures were enumerated by censuses. For the inter-censal period annual estimations were calculated of the population at the beginning of the year.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Population statistics. Compiled on 8 November 2022. – Preliminary results for the reporting date 01.10.2022.

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2022-05-31 file Despite high death rate in 2021, population increase due to immigration
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2022-04-26 file Austria's population has passed the nine million mark
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2022-02-15 file Population reaches 8.98 million at the beginning of 2022
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