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STATcube - statistical database

Customer information on the electronic conclusion of distance contracts with respect to the acquisition of Subscriptions for use of the statistical database STATcube

The following information about online-conclusion of distance contracts shall not be deemed as part of our terms and conditions. The terms and conditions applicable to the acquisition of Subscriptions for use of the statistical database STATcube (hereinafter “STATcube”) are contained in our Terms of Use, which may be accessed on our website


1. Identity of the seller

You are concluding a distance contract with Bundesanstalt Statistik Österreich (“Statistics Austria”), Guglgasse 13, 1110 Wien, telephone: +43 1 71128-0, telefax: +43 1 71128-7728, email:


2. How to conclude an online-distance contract with us

Information about how to subscribe and to register for STATcube you find at 4 easy steps to subscribe (PDF, 3,45MB).

The order will be placed in the webshop of Statistics Austria. Choose the number of Quarterly Subscriptions or Annual Subscriptions you wish to purchase. You may enter comments to your order in the respective field.

In the next step, enter your name and your delivery address. If you desire an invoice address different from the delivery address, please check the appropriate box (another page will open to ask you to enter the invoicing address).

By clicking the button “Next to the order of one or more subscriptions with payment obligation”, you will reach a page where you can review the correctness of the information provided, i.e. the number of subscriptions including product costs and address details.

By clicking the button “Back”, you may modify any information, including the number of subscriptions to be added to you shopping cart.

Below this summary, there are links to our Terms of Use (which also contain the terms and conditions applicable on the acquisition of Subscriptions) and the Customer information. By clicking these links you may review, save and print the Terms of Use and other relevant information. By clicking on the respective check boxes, you confirm that you have reviewed the Terms of Use and the Customer information and that you agree to them.

By clicking the following checkbox you confirm that you have satisfied yourself by using the Guest Access to STATcube that the web-interface is compatible with your data processing equipment, the pertinent data is available and that there are no indications that access to the pertinent data is restricted due to data protection obligations. Further, you acknowledge that due to restrictions imposed by data protection laws and statistical confidentiality obligations, data may not be displayed even if available in the required structural depth. By clicking on the button “Send Form of one or more subscriptions with payment obligation”, you confirm correctness of the information given and the statements provided.

You will then be redirected to the website of our payment transaction service provider. This page summarizes the products in your shopping cart as well as the amount payable. In the section Payment Types you may choose your desired payment type (either by credit card or by direct debit from your bank account). If you pay by credit card, you must complete the form with your name, credit card number, CVC/CVN-Code, and validity information.

If you pay by direct debit you must complete the form with your name, IBAN and BIC. Additional you have to accept the terms for direct debit payment by clicking the shown checkbox. Payment by direct debit is only possible, if you have an account at an Austrian Bank.

By clicking the button “Back”, you may return to the previous pages.

By clicking on the button “Submit”, you complete your order and submit a binding offer to Statistics Austria to purchase the subscriptions in to your shopping cart.

The purchase contract on the products in your shopping cart will become effective when Statistics Austria transmits the keys required for the activation of the subscriptions by e-mail, thereby confirming the order with payment obligation.

Further information to the conclusion of the distance contract may be found in our Terms of Use.


3. Storage of order information and access by customer

We save the order information and provide you with this information together with the activation keys for the subscriptions as well as our Terms of Use for STATcube by e-mail.


4. Errors

You may correct your entries in the webshop at any time during the order process by clicking the button “Zurück/Back”. By clicking the button “Abbrechen/Cancel” you may cancel the entire order process at any time.


5. Contract language

The contract language will be the German language.


6. Prices

Our prices are final prices denominated in Euro. Prices are not subject to value added tax and are not elegible for deduction for value added tax.


7. Delivery and shipping costs

Statistics Austria does not charge any shipping costs for sending the activation keys.


8. Payment

Subscriptions can be paid in the webshop by credit card or by direct debit.


9. Right of withdrawal

Customers within the meaning of the Austrian KSchG (Consumer Protection Act) are entitled to withdraw from a contract concluded from a distance sale transaction for a period of up to 14 days, starting with the day the contract becomes effective (“Withdrawal Period”), i.e. the day Statistics Austria submits the e-mail with the activation keys needed to activate the purchased subscriptions. It is sufficient if the declaration of cancellation is sent in written form to Bundesanstalt Statistik Österreich, Guglgasse 13, 1110 Wien, Fax: +43 1 711 28-7728, e-mail:, within the Withdrawal Period.  
The right to withdraw is not available with respect to subscriptions that have been activated by the consumer within the Withdrawal Period.


10. Communication costs

No additional costs exceeding the standard telephone costs will be charged for use of our service telephone numbers. Information for such standard communications costs for land line or mobile networks will be provided by your voice carrier.


11. Warranty Conditions

Details on the warranty conditions may are contained in our Terms of Use, which may be accessed here. The Terms of Use form an integral part of the contract.


12. Customer service

Queries regarding STATcube will be answered under the following e-mail address:

Or call our hotline: +43 1 711 28-7378 (9.00 am – 1.00 pm (CET/MEZ) monday to friday).