Information for residents

The Register-based Census Act regulates that in principle, the data for the Census 2011 should exclusively be collected from administrative registers. In contrast to the Census 2011, there is no need for the residents to fill out forms. There is just one circumstance in which the Register-based Census act, article 5 section 5, allows Statistics Austria to directly contact certain members of the resident population, namely cases of possible discrepancies, who are only recorded in the Central Population register, but have no "life signs" in any other register. Those persons receive so-called "RSb" (certified) letters, asking for clarification if they indeed had their main residence (= centre of his/her vital interests) in Austria on the reference date 31st October 2011. Answering those letters within 14 days is required by law. The "RSb" type of letter is necessary to emphasise the official nature of the enquiry and to obtain information about the method of delivery.

Schreiben und Antwortformular

For fellow citizens whose first language is not German, the main text and the response form of the above-mentioned "RSb" letter are listed here in 16 different languages:

english: Further information in your language is available here  
română: Aici găsiţi şi  alte informaţii în limba dumneavoastră  
polski: Tu znajdziesz szczegółowe informacje w swoim języku ojczystym  
српски: Овде можете да пронађете даље информације на Вашем језику  
hrvatski: Ovdje možete naći daljnje informacije na Vašem jeziku  
magyar: Itt talál az Ön nyelvén megadott további információkat  
български: Тук ще намерите допълнителна информация на Вашия език  
po slovensky: Tu nájdete ďalšie informácie vo Vašom jazyku  
türkçe:  Burada anadilinizde diğer bilgileri bulabilirsiniz  
italiano: Qui trova maggiori informazioni nella Sua lingua  
français: Ici se trouvent de plus amples informations dans votre langue  
český:Zde naleznete další informace ve Vašem jazyce  
عربي : هنا تجدون المزيد من المعلومات وباللغة العربية 
slovensko: Tu so dodatne informacije v vašem jeziku  
Русский: Здесь Вы найдете дополнительную информацию на Вашем родном языке