Provincial long-term care allowance

At the end of 2011, a total of 71 053 people received a long-term care allowance on the basis of the care allowance acts of the Laender (+0.6% compared with the previous year). Analogously to the ruling at federal level (Federal Long-term Care Allowance Act), the provincial care allowance is also granted according to care needs (and regardless of income and assets) at seven allowance levels. Compared with the end of 2001, the number of recipients of the provincial long-term care allowance increased by about 16 600 people (+30.5%).

In 2011, a total of just under 60% of provincial long-term care allowance beneficiaries lived in three federal provinces: Vienna (22%), Lower Austria (19%) and Styria (16%). The distribution by gender reveals that 65% of beneficiaries were female. In terms of the age structure, the beneficiaries of a provincial long-term care allowance were on average younger than those persons receiving a federal care allowance: in 2011 just 38% fell into the age group below 40 years of age, while the share of recipients above 60 years was 46%. A further difference to the federal long-term care allowance is that, pro-rata, greater numbers of provincial care allowance beneficiaries fall within the higher allowance levels than the lower levels. At the end of 2011, 29% of recipients drew a provincial long-term care allowance at levels 4 to 7.

Expenditure on the provincial long-term care allowance in 2011 was approximately €379 million (1.3% against the previous year and +41.7% compared to 2001), which equates to an average care allowance of €5 335 per year or €445 per month (the care allowance is paid twelve times per year). Because men are represented in greater numbers at the higher allowance levels, their average allowance (€5 499 annually, €458 monthly) is also higher than that of women (€5 246 and €437 respectively).

Statistics of provincial long-term care allowance expires with reference year 2011 because responsibilities for long-term care allowance have been transferred from the Laender to the federal government (see social benefits at federal level) at the beginning of 2012.

Results (overview): Provincial long-term care allowance

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