Minimum income scheme

In 2019 a total of 267 683 persons were supported by the minimum income scheme (“Mindestsicherung”) (-21 963 or -7.6% compared to 2018). Thus, the figures decreased for the second time after a series of high growth rates in the past years.

The majority of the recipients were supported longer than 6 months. 2019, for 72% the length of support has been 7 up to 12 months, whereas 13% received cash benefits for 3 months at most. The average length of support relating to the reporting year reached 9.5 months in Vienna which was far above the other Laender.

The total expenditure (subsistence, housing needs, protection in case of sickness) were €913 million in 2019 (-28 million or -3.0% compared to 2018). The major part thereof was spent in Vienna (€607 million) where most of the supported persons (annual average: 64%) lived. The average monthly expenditure per community in need for subsistence and housing needs reached €668 and was highest in Vorarlberg (€805) and in Tyrol (€758).

Please consult our German website for tables and charts containing further information.

Minimum income scheme of federal provinces 2013 - 2019: persons, communities in need and expenditure

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