Main results - Summary

On average each private household spends €2 910 a month. "Housing, energy" accounts for the largest share of household expenditures at 23.8%, followed by "Transport" at 15.0%, "Leisure, sports and hobbies" at 12.8% and "Food, non-alcoholic beverages" at 12.1%.

Standardizing household expenditures by household size and composition results in average monthly equivalence expenditures of €1 880. The weighting of equivalence expenditure is based on the EU-scale (modified OECD-scale): first adult person in the household = 1.0; every other person aged 14 and over = 0.5; each child under 14 years = 0.3.

The comparison of the 2009/10 Household Budget Survey with the 2004/05 survey shows an increase from €2 540 to €2 910 for the average monthly household expenditure, which corresponds to a nominal growth of 14.6%. An analysis of equivalence expenditure, i.e. the figure which takes account of the household size (which is decreasing in the long term) and the household structure, reveals an increase from €1 630 to €1 880, which corresponds to a nominal rise of 15.7%.

As expected household expenditures increase and equivalence expenditures decrease with the number of persons in a household. Compared with single-person households, very large households (5+ persons) spend around one fourth less per adult equivalent.

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Results (overview): Monthly expenditures of private households 2009/10
Comparison Household Budget Survey 2009/10 with 2004/05

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Verbrauchsausgaben - Hauptergebnisse der Konsumerhebung 2009/10
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Verbrauchsausgaben 2009/10 Sozialstatistische Ergebnisse der Konsumerhebung
This publication presents an analysis of the Household Budget Survey 2009/10 according to socio-demographic characteristics. This in-depth analysis goes beyond the already published results on main ...

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