Smoking habits

Surveys of smoking habits among the population have already been conducted in the past (as a special survey in conjunction with the microcensus). While the phrasing of the questions in earlier surveys differs from that used in the Health Survey 2019, it is still possible to compare the percentages of people who smoke on a daily basis. Because in the earlier surveys the questions about smoking habits were addressed only to people aged 16 and over, the present results for the comparison over time were also compiled for this age group.

There have been differing trends in tobacco consumption between the genders over recent decades. During the 1970s, 39% of men and 10% of women were smokers. Since then, the percentage of men who smoke on a daily basis has fallen continually and is now 15 percentage points lower at 24%. The opposite trend has been observed among women until 2014. Here the share of smokers has risen steadily by 12 percentage points overall. Fortunately, the percentage of female smokers decreases to the current level of 18% in 2019.

Percentage of daily smokers aged 16 years and more 1972 to 2019 in %

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