Outpatient care

The figures stated below refer to the “Austrian health interview survey 2019“.

The survey looked at the frequency of consultations with doctors of general medicine, specialists in gynaecology and obstetrics, internal specialists, paediatricians, other specialists, walk-in clinics or hospital outpatients’ departments as well as dental therapists or dental outpatients’ departments in the year prior to the survey. It included not only visits to see a doctor but also house calls by a doctor as well as phone conversations with a doctor due to an illness or a complaint. Only those consultations where the respondent in person saw the doctor were included in the survey. (Visits to the surgery to collect prescriptions for example were not included.)

As expected doctors of general medicine (GPs) were consulted the most frequently. In the year preceding the survey, 79.4% of the Austrian population went at least once to see a GP; 73.0% saw a dental therapist; three-quarters had consultations with another specialist; 22.5%, an internal specialist; one quarter attended a walk-in clinic or a hospital outpatients’ department and 56.4% of women (aged 15 and over) went at least once to a gynaecologist.

Please consult our German website for tables and charts containing further information.

Results (overview): Frequency of consultations

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