ICT usage in enterprises in 2020

Especially in times of COVID-19, many enterprises had to adapt to the changed circumstances in a very short time. Digitization offers advantages in many areas of being able to react flexibly. While computers and the Internet have been used extensively in companies for many years, broadband Internet has also become firmly established as the basis for high-performance and fast data transmission. This also makes it easier to use cloud services, i.e. ICT services that are provided by service providers via Internet and can be used regardless of location. 38% of companies will use such services in 2020, with two out of three large enterprises (250 and more persons employed; 66%) already using cloud services. In 2020, questions on the topics of “Big Data”, “Robotics”, “3D Printing” and “Internet of Things” were included in the questionnaire.

The results come from a survey that was carried out by Statistics Austria for the 20th time and from information from 2,750 enterprises with 10 or more employees in the industries (ÖNACE 2008)

  • manufacturing,
  • electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities,
  • construction,
  • wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles,
  • transportation and storage,
  • accommodation and food service activities,
  • information and communication,
  • real estate activities, professional, scientific and technical activities, administrative and support service activities as well as
  • repair of computers and communication equipment.

were extrapolated. The survey was conducted from February to July 2020. Unless otherwise stated, the reporting period was the time of the survey. Since all EU member states are obliged by a regulation to provide data on ICT use in enterprises with the help of a standardized questionnaire, it is possible to compare the results within the EU (results at EU level are expected for the end of 2020). Detailed EU results on the information society can be found on the website of Eurostat.

Every enterprise with 10 or more persons employed uses the Internet for its activities and mostly uses broadband connections (Internet access: 100%; broadband connections: 99%). While mobile broadband connections, i.e. internet connections via cellular networks via UMTS, HSPA, 4G/LTE or 5G, have seen a sharp increase since 2010 (2010: 46%; 2015: 77%; 2020: 81%), there is a saturation among fixed (stationary) broadband connections such as DSL, cable or fiber optics to be observed (2010: 75%; 2015: 91%; 2020: 92%).

90% of the enterprises have a website on the Internet. For 25% of enterprises, websites also serve as a medium to sell goods or services. A total of around € 30.1 billion was sold via websites, apps or online marketplaces in 2019. The majority of sales generated via websites were made via the enterprise's own website or app (including the websites or apps of a group of enterprises; around € 23.0 billion), goods or services worth around € 7.2 billion were received from online marketplaces.

Using EDI-based systems or other forms of electronic data transmission (e.g. XML, EDIFACT; excluding e-mails), 7% of the enterprises generated around € 75.3 billion in sales for the sale of goods or services.

Smart devices or systems that collect or exchange data with one another and that are monitored and controlled via Internet can help enterprises in various areas to reduce costs or optimize processes. Almost every third enterprise uses smart devices or systems (32%), most often these are used in energy management to optimize energy consumption in the premises, e.g. in the form of smart meters, lamps or thermostats (19%). 11% of enterprises use intelligent devices or systems for transport (e.g. through motion sensors to record the movement of vehicles or products) or for maintenance (e.g. through maintenance sensors for needs-based maintenance of vehicles or machines). The following applies in all areas: the larger the company, the more likely smart devices or systems will be used.

Digitization is increasingly making it possible to automate internal enterprise processes that are taken over by robots. 5% of the enterprises use stationary industrial robots for production processes, which are naturally most frequently used in enterprises for the production of goods (23%). Autonomous service robots are used in 2% of enterprises. Here too, enterprise size plays an important role.

As a result, the increase in digital devices and systems also increases the amount of data. In order to make these rapidly growing amounts of data available in different structures useful for the enterprise, an infrastructure is required that enables big data analyses. 9% of companies carry out such analyses of their internal enterprise data. In 7% of the enterprises these analyses are carried out by their own persons employed, 4% commission external enterprises to do this. Small enterprises cannot show the usage rates of large ones here.

Please consult our German website for tables and charts containing further information.

Internet access, broadband connections, website, social media and cloud services 2003 to 2020
Internet access 2003 to 2020
Fixed broadband connections for the Internet access 2003 to 2020
Mobile broadband connections 2010 to 2020
Cloud services 2014 to 2020

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