Survival rates of newly created employer enterprises (since 2015)

From experience, the survival rates of a cohort of newly born employer enterprises are declining from one year to the other: 80.9% of those employer enterprises founded in the year 2013 survived into 2014. After another year (2015), 66.9% of the employer enterprises founded in 2013 were still active on the market. The three-year survival rate (2013 to 2016) amounted to 57.8%. After four years (2017), 51.1% of this cohort survived, and five years later (2018), only 45.7% of these employer enterprises were still active on the market.

In the economic branches „ Human health and social work activities “ (67.7%), „ Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply “ (59.0%) as well as “Manufacturing “ (55.8%) the five-year survival rates of employer enterprises founded in 2013 were above average. By contrast, for example in the sectors „Mining and quarrying“ (33.3%), „Transportation and storage“ (39.0%), „Accommodation and food service activities” (40.2%) or „Arts, entertainment and recreation” (40.4%) these rates were below average.

Particularly high five-year survival rates were found for employer enterprises with between 10 and more employees (62.7%); the rate was lowest for employer enterprises with 1 to 4 employees (44.2%). Concerning employer enterprises with employees between 5 and 9, which were founded in 2013, around 53.3% survived until 2018.

The results by provinces for the employer enterprises founded in 2018 show that in particular, employer enterprises in Tyrol (50.8%), Styria and Vorarlberg (49.4%) had above-average five-year survival rates. The lowest survival rate after five years was found for Vienna (39.1%).


The numbers of enterprise deaths for the last two reporting years (here: 2017 and 2018) and those for enterprise births, active enterprises and survival for the most recent reporting year (here: 2018) are provisional.

Since 2015 a revised method to produce employer business demography statistics was used. The data were recalculated with the new method back to reporting year 2007. For enterprise deaths the recalculation of the new methodology for the years 2007 to 2009 was ex post only possible in a limited way. That is why there is a break in time series for the year 2010.

Survival rates of employer enterprises newly born in 2013
Survival rates of employer enterprises newly born in 2013 by employee size classes
Survival rates of employer enterprises newly born in 2013 by provinces

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