Balance of Feeding Stuffs

The balance of feeding stuffs is the link between crop and livestock production. In combination with supply balance sheets, it provides a complete record of crop production. The total supply of feeding stuffs is recorded using a product list developed in line with EU criteria. Feeding stuff requirements during the balance period are also determined based on the stock of animals and animal production. On the basis of "standard rations" in the feeding stuff industry and expert estimates, the feeding stuffs available are divided by animal category until the balance is equalised or requirements are covered. Since the covering of requirements depends not just on the feeding stuff quantities needed but also on their nutritional value, feeding stuffs and requirements must be expressed in raw protein and energy units. It is indispensable to work with experts in this sector in order to be able to apply this scientific approach. Work is therefore carried out in collaboration with the Agricultural Research and Education Centre (AREC) Raumberg-Gumpenstein.

Available amounts of feeding stuffs in 1 000 dry matter (campaign years 1988/89 - 2015/16)

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