Volume indices

Nominal GDP values in a national currency (at current prices) are spatially deflated into Real GDP values with the aid of purchasing power parities (PPPs) and converted into a common currency (in EU comparisons referred to as purchasing power standard or PPS). To increase their transparency, these GDP values in real terms are presented in the form of index numbers (base country/group = 100) and provide information about the total volume of a particular country measured against that of the selected base country (country or group of countries).

GDP per capita in PPS (= to PPPs)

Per-capita volume indices depict the volume of GDP per inhabitant in real terms in relation to the base country/group of countries (e.g. EU-27 = 100) and are interpreted as a measure of the relative level of development of a national economy.

As for comparative price levels, it is not advisable to draw up stringent country rankings. Instead, country clusters with a similar level of development should be created.

Volume indices – data

As a member of the European Union, Austria – through Statistics Austria – participates in the European Comparison Programme (ECP), in which Eurostat collaborates closely with the OECD. As a result, the regular publication of PPP-based data and thus of up-to-date tables concerning volume indices is the responsibility of these international organisations. An overview of currently available data is provided below:

    1. GDP per capita in PPS (EU-27_2020 = 100) Structural indicator
    2. Economy and finance / National accounts (ESA 2010) / Annual NA / Main GDP aggregates / GDP and main components – Free data download via the navigation tree
    3. GDP per capita, consumption per capita and price level indices in: Statistics explained, June 2020
  2. OECD
    1. GDP PPPs and Derived Indices for OECD Countries Per capita volume indices from 1997 – 2019 for all 37 OECD countries
  3. Statistics Austria
    1. Statistisches Jahrbuch Österreichs 2020 (Statistical Yearbook of Austria 2020) Chapter 47, Table 47.03 – Gross domestic product per capita to purchasing power parities (PPPs) and exchange rates (XR) in 2017 and 2018 and relative price level indices in 2018 (Austria = 100); see also Chart 47.01. (available in German only)
Gross domestic product per capita in EUR (part 1)
Gross domestic product per capita in EUR (part 2)
Gross domestic product per capita in US-$

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