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The Output Price Index for Business Services (a.k.a. Services Producer Prices Index, SPPI) is a very new project that was under development till mid 2009. In contrast to the industrial output price index, the indices here are compiled by branch, as is also the case with the listing of priority branch indices in EU Regulation No. 1158/2005. A Output Price Index for Business Services is designed to measure average price trends for all services that are provided to companies and the public sector, with measurements being carried out quarterly. The index is used as a key indicator of inflation in service branches, as a deflator for calculating GDP in the relevant National Account sectors, and as information for the economy.

In an initial phase of the project, indices are compiled for 24 service branches and as of 2007 are reported quarterly (t+90) to Eurostat. It is planned to extend the survey in future to include other service branches.

In a number of indices, price information is only available from a few (large) service enterprises as a result of market conditions. These indices cannot be published due to confidentiality rules and are thus only available to in-house users. First results are available since 2007 and are revised every five years in accordance with the Laspeyres fixed-base concept.

Currently the price indexes are calculated and published taking 2015 as the base year. To compare long-term price developments it is possible to link older index series with the price trends of subsequent index series. Linking coefficients (available only on the German website) can be used to continue index series for the ÖNACE divisions, groups and classes (2015=100) on base year 2006 and 2010. 90 days after the end of the period under review (quarter), the first preliminary results will be published and can be accessed

  • on Statistics Austria’s homepage.

The final results for the previous quarter will be available at the same time as the preliminary results for the subsequent period under review are published.

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