Time series

The calculation of the import price index is based on the national regulation (BGBl. II Nr. 464/2006). It includes imported goods of the CPA-sections A to D: agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, and electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply. The index is calculated and published quarterly, base year is the average 2015. Additionally to the overall index, which comprises the CPA-sections A to D, also indices for single CPA-sections and CPA two-digit level are published. These indices are available for imports from the Eurozone and the Non-Eurozone and overall.

Owing to the market situation in some CPA-categories (coal and lignite, crude petroleum and natural gas, metal ores, tobacco products) there are only import-prices from a few (mostly big) enterprises available. Due to confidentiality provisions it is not allowed to publish these indices; in tables published they are marked with a “G”. For the CPA-section D respectively 2-digit 35, which consists mainly of electricity, price information is obtained from stock market quotations. A regional distinction between the Eurozone and the Non-Eurozone is therefore not possible; only an overall index is available.

Preliminary results are published at the homepage of Statistics Austria 45 days after the end of the reporting period (reporting period is the 15. of the second month of a quarter). When preliminary results of the next period are available, the results of the previous period become final.


For longer-term price comparisons, it is possible to continue older index series (base year 2010=100 or 2007=100) using price trends from subsequent index series (base year 2015=100), in other words to chain-link them. Therefore chain factors can be used to continue index series for the overall index, CPA sections and CPA two-digit level of the import price index 2015=100, taking 2010 or 2007 as the base year (see tables “Chain factors“,only German).

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