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04.03.2021Number of deaths remains below the five-year averagePDF38 KB
04.03.2021Austria's service and trade enterprises with significant turnover losses in 2020PDF39 KB
03.03.2021International Women's Day 2021: Gender Pay Gap well above EU average despite declinePDF41 KB
02.03.2021Wine production increased to 2.40 million hectolitres in 2020; stock remained highPDF40 KB
02.03.2021Labour Force Projection 2020: share of the labour force in the total population declines PDF54 KB
01.03.2021Turnover in industry and construction increased by 3.5% in November 2020, but 7.7% decline in turnover from January to November 2020, turnover decrease also expected for January 2021PDF45 KB
26.02.2021Industrial producer prices fell by 0.3% in January 2021PDF38 KB
26.02.2021Current tourism winter season 2020/21: closures of accommodation establishments led to a decrease in nights spent of 92.3% to 2.6 millionPDF42 KB
26.02.2021Approximately 7% of all deaths in 2020 due to COVID-19PDF64 KB
25.02.2021Production index declined by 5.1% in December 2020 PDF36 KB
24.02.2021Passenger volume in commercial aviation declined by 74.4% in 2020PDF43 KB
24.02.2021Agricultural income 2020 according to preliminary estimates above previous year's levelPDF41 KB
23.02.2021Inflation decreased to 0.8% in January 2021 (HICP: 1.0%)PDF43 KB
19.02.20217 million mark for motor vehicles exceeded for the first time in 2020; number of passenger cars increased to 5.1 millionPDF55 KB
18.02.2021Number of deaths continues to decline, mortality 1.4% above five-year averagePDF40 KB
18.02.2021Births and deaths in 2020: 7 024 more deaths than birthsPDF37 KB
18.02.202139 478 marriages in 2020, 611 by same-sex couplesPDF39 KB
17.02.2021Bankruptcies decreased by 38% in 2020PDF36 KB
15.02.2021Increasing costs in all construction branches in January 2021PDF37 KB
15.02.2021Fewer cattle and sheep livestock, more pigs and goats in 2020; slaughterings decreased significantly PDF62 KB
12.02.20218 996 new Austrian citizens in 2020, number of naturalisations decreased by 15.2%PDF39 KB
12.02.2021102 600 job vacancies on average in Austria in 2020; 20% fewer than in 2019 PDF39 KB
11.02.2021Population reaches 8.93 million at the beginning of 2021PDF38 KB
11.02.2021Number of deaths decreases again; still 13% over five-year average PDF40 KB
10.02.2021Increase of prices for all construction branches in 2020PDF36 KB
10.02.2021Current health expenditure amounts to €41.48 billion in 2019PDF38 KB
09.02.2021More than one third less new passenger car registrations in January 2021PDF47 KB
08.02.2021Foreign trade in November 2020: imports slightly increased by 0.05%, exports rose by 1.8%PDF43 KB
05.02.2021Wholesale price index decreased by 0.1% in January 2021PDF36 KB
04.02.2021Austrian retail trade 2020: food retail turnover increased, non-food retail decreased partly significantlyPDF41 KB
04.02.2021Number of deaths 12.7% higher than the average of the previous five years in 3rd week of 2021 PDF41 KB
01.02.2021Road freight transport volume of Austrian enterprises declined by 2.0% in the fourth quarter of 2020PDF38 KB
29.01.2021Turnover in industry and construction decreased by 8.8% in the period January to October 2020; flash estimates shows partial recovery in industry and construction for December 2020PDF45 KB
29.01.2021Industrial producer prices decreased by 1.6% in 2020PDF38 KB
28.01.2021Poultry production 2020: more eggs for hatching and more slaughteringsPDF50 KB
28.01.2021Cancer in Austria: 366 843 cancer patients, 42 219 new cases, 20 431 deathsPDF37 KB
28.01.2021Number of deaths remains on same level, excess mortality decliningPDF41 KB
27.01.2021Nights spent in 2020 dropped below the 100 million mark; number of guests almost halved PDF47 KB
25.01.2021Production index increased by 0.1% in November 2020PDF36 KB
22.01.2021Sharp decline in bed occupancy in the tourism year 2019/20PDF47 KB
21.01.2021Hospital discharges 2019: fewer and shorter inpatient staysPDF37 KB
21.01.2021Number of deaths continues to decline in the new yearPDF39 KB
20.01.2021Average annual inflation rate of consumer prices at +1.4% in 2020 (HICP: 1.4%)PDF43 KB
18.01.2021New passenger car registrations decreased by one fourth in 2020; two-wheelers and passenger cars with alternative drive systems showed significant increasesPDF66 KB
15.01.2021Increasing costs in almost all construction branches in December 2020PDF37 KB
14.01.2021More than 90 000 deaths in Austria in 2020; life expectancy declines in the pandemicPDF45 KB
08.01.2021Foreign trade in October 2020: imports declined by 6.0%, exports by 10.7%PDF42 KB
08.01.2021Number of deaths declines but remains on a high levelPDF39 KB
07.01.2021Wholesale prices in 2020 on average 4.1% lower than in 2019PDF36 KB
04.01.2021Regional foreign trade first half year 2020: most Austrian federal states with strong declinesPDF41 KB
30.12.2020Government debt amounted to €300.2 bn or 79.1% of GDP at the end of September 2020PDF40 KB
30.12.2020Industrial producer prices fell by 1.4% in November 2020PDF37 KB
30.12.2020Turnover in industry and construction increased by 0.9% in September 2020; January to September 2020: -9.7%; flash estimates for November 2020 show slight year-on-year increasesPDF44 KB
23.12.2020Production index in October 2020 decreased by 0.6% compared to October 2019PDF37 KB
23.12.2020Tourism winter season 2020/21 started with a sharp decrease of 80% in nights spentPDF46 KB
21.12.2020Field crop harvest 2020: record yields for grain maize and potatoesPDF37 KB
18.12.2020Austrians rate environmental quality positively overall, greenhouse gas effect and climate change are most frequently cited problemsPDF53 KB
18.12.2020Food fish production from domestic aquaculture increased in 2019 by 4%PDF52 KB
18.12.2020Number of deaths continues to be highPDF39 KB
17.12.2020153 200 persons cared for at home, 96 500 in nursing homes in 2019PDF38 KB
17.12.2020Inflation remains at 1.3% in November 2020 (HICP: 1.1%) PDF41 KB
15.12.2020Increasing costs in almost all construction branches in November 2020PDF37 KB
14.12.2020High working flexibility; 40.5% of employed always or often under time pressurePDF42 KB
11.12.20204.7% of the Austrian population had antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in mid/end OctoberPDF42 KB
10.12.2020Travel habits summer 2020: less holiday trips abroad, Austria remains popular; every fourth holiday trip led to friends or relativesPDF59 KB
10.12.202026.6% fewer new passenger car registrations in the period January to November 2020; alternative drives continue to gain in importancePDF49 KB
09.12.2020Austrian labour market during the corona crisis: number of people in employment has recovered significantly in the third quarter of 2020, unemployment remains highPDF39 KB
09.12.2020Foreign trade in September 2020: imports declined by 3.3%, exports stagnated at +0.1%PDF42 KB
07.12.2020Wholesale price index decreased by 3.8% in November 2020PDF37 KB
04.12.2020Austrian winter tourism largely depends on German and Austrian guests; Tyrol and Salzburg are most popular destinationsPDF54 KB
04.12.2020Regional economic growth 2019 was strongest in Styria and weakest in CarinthiaPDF111 KB