24th Meeting of the Wiesbaden Group on Business Registers  
Vienna, Austria, 15–18 September 2014

International Round-table on Business Survey Frames

The meeting was held at the premises of Statistics Austria (Guglgasse 13, 1110 Vienna, Austria) from Monday, 15 September 2014 to Thursday, 18 September 2014.

A report on the meeting (PDF, 250 KB) can be found on the United Nations Statistical Commission website.

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The Wiesbaden Group on Business Registers is an international expert group under the umbrella of the UN Statistical Commission engaged in further development of business registers, survey frames and associated topics. The aim of the Wiesbaden Group is to provide a forum for the exchange of views and experiences and the conduct of joint experiments related to the development, maintenance and use of business registers to support a more integrated approach to structural economic statistics, to better fit into new, globalisation-related analytical needs, survey sampling and other statistical activities related to the production of business statistics. It is engaged with contemporary and emerging issues in the development and use of business registers. In particular, the Wiesbaden Group aims at tackling forward looking matters and identifying new challenges concerning business registers in the wider sense. The Wiesbaden Group analyses the changing nature and role of business registers as the backbone of business statistics and as sources of statistical data in their own right. The Wiesbaden Group is an informal body and participation is on a voluntary basis. Participants, however, are required to contribute to the program of the biannual meetings. Although its mandate does not emanate from a formal body, the Wiesbaden Group could, on the basis of its discussions and/or experiments, make recommendations to a formal body (e.g., the Statistical Commission) regarding the consideration and/or adoption of certain practices or standards.

Key Dates

  • Country progress reports deadline: 31 March 2014
  • Abstracts deadline: 30 May 2014
  • Registration deadline: 30 June 2014
  • Session papers and power point presentations deadline: 31 July 2014