Statistics Day 2016

Science and Statistics Austria – a win-win cooperation

The cooperation between science and official statistics has advantages for both sides. For official statistics, the input from the academic community helps to broaden the use of statistical methods and to improve the quality and content of statistical products. The scientific world can test and improve new theoretical research methods in practice. Ideally, the cooperation not only leads to a deeper understanding of the data, but also to the provision of data that fits scientific needs.

The Statistics Day 2016 dealt with the requirements for cooperation, both on the part of science as well as official statistics. Existing forms of cooperation such as the cooperation of Statistics Austria with the Vienna University of economics and business (WU) were presented. Special attention was given to the important aspect of the micro-data access for research purposes. In a final panel session, the question of the institutionalisation of the cooperation of science and official statistics were discussed in depth, starting with a glance at the Swedish model.

Thursday, 20 October 2016 
9.00 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.

Statistics Austria  
Guglgasse 13  
1110 Vienna  

The programme is available as a PDF document (42 KB).

Keynote speech by Dan Hedlin (Stockholm University, Department of Statistics): Dialogue between science and official statistics - presentation (PDF, 380 KB)

More presentations can be found on the German website.