2014 Scanner Data Workshop

Vienna, Thursday 2 and Friday 3 October 2014

The Scanner Data Workshop will provide a platform for users and potential users of scanner data to present and discuss current developments and activities with scanner data in the compilation of consumer price indices and PPPs. The aim of the workshop is to push forward the discussion on best practices with scanner data which assure better quality of price statistics and compliance with price index measurement rules.

Statistics Austria  
Guglgasse 13  
1110 Vienna 


The agenda is also available as PDF document (ca. 90 KB).

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Welcome / Introduction
09:30Opening remarks  
Konrad Pesendorfer (Director General – Statistics Austria)
10:00Usage of Scanner Data in Europe, results from Eurostat 2014 questionnaire  
Dirk-Jan Hoogerdijk (Eurostat) 
Presentation (PDF, 134 KB)
10:30Tour de Table
11:00Coffee Break
Session 1 – New scanner data projects: First steps and analysis 
Chair: Ursula Havel (Director Macro-economic statistics – Statistics Austria)
11:15Spanish scanner data project. First steps 
Alberta Ruiz (INE – National Statistics Institute Spain) 
Presentation (PDF, 244 KB)
11:45State of play of Istat project about scanner data acquisition for HICP compilation  
Federico Polidoro (ISTAT – Italian National Institute of Statistics) 
Presentation (PDF, 117 KB)
12:15Lunch Break
13:30UK scanner data project 
Derek Bird (ONS – Office of National Statistics United Kingdom)
Session 2 – Price Index Production with scanner data 
Chair: Josef Auer (Head of Price Statistics – Statistics Austria)
14:15How Norway uses scanner data in the index for food and non-alcoholic beverages 
Pia Skare Rønnevik (Statistics Norway) 
Presentation (PDF, 374 KB)
14:45Compilation of experimental price indices using a fixed basket approach 
Jérôme Hury (STATEC – Statistics Luxembourg) 
Presentation (PDF, 1.15MB)
15:15Coffee Break
15:45Automatic mapping of scanner data to EAs/COICOP-Groups 
Ingolf Böttcher (Statistics Austria) 
Paper (PDF, 598 KB)
16:30Tour de Table / Discussion
17:00End of Day 1
19:30Social Dinner

Friday, 3 October 2014

Session 3 – Weights compilation and quality adjustments using scanner data 
Chair: Ingolf Böttcher (Consumer Price Statistics – Statistics Austria)
09:00Quality-adjusted unit value index using scanner data 
Jan de Haan, Antonio Chessa (CBS – Statistics Netherlands) 
Abstract (PDF, 207 KB)   Presentation part 1 (PDF, 1 MB)   Presentation part 2 (PDF, 633 KB)   Paper (PDF, 553 KB)
09:30Scaling of weights in elementary aggregates  
Thomas Hjorth Jacobsen (Statistics Denmark) 
Presentation (PDF, 168 KB)   Paper (PDF, 102 KB)
10:00Coffee Break
10:30An experimental CPI calculation in France with scanner data 
Gaëtan Varlet (INSEE – France) 
Abstract (PDF, 179 KB)   Presentation (PDF, 144 KB)
Session 4 – Impact of the use of scanner data on inflation measurement (theory) 
Chair: Berthold Feldmann (HICP Methodology and Compliance monitoring – Eurostat)
11:15The use of scanner data as an additional source for CPI/HICP compilation 
Vitor Mendonça (Statistics Portugal) 
Presentation (PDF, 996 KB)
12:00Lunch Break
13:15The use of unit values from scanner data and traditional price collection 
Jörgen Dalén (Network of Price Statistics Experts) 
Presentation (PDF, 1,94 MB) Paper (PDF, 533 KB)
14:15The effect of elementary index choice on inflation measurement 
Philip Vermeulen (European Central Bank) 
Presentation (PDF, 111 KB) Paper (PDF, 461 KB)
14:45Coffee Break
15:00Tour de Table / Discussion
15:30Next Steps  
Dirk-Jan Hoogerdijk, Berthold Feldmann (Eurostat) 
Presentation (PDF, 144 KB)
16:00End of Workshop

Room Documents:

Sweden: Paper (PDF, 384 KB)