European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics (Q2014)

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Statistics Austria and Eurostat is hosting the European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics“ – (Q2014). This event is held at the "Schönbrunn Palace Conference Centre" in Vienna, Austria on 3-5 June 2014.

As a traditional biennial meeting point, the European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics has become a key conference in the European Statistical System (ESS) attracting participants from all over the world and bringing together experts from National Statistical Institutes, International Organisations and Academics.

Similarly to its predecessors, Q2014 offers participants a platform for high-level discussions on many diverse quality issues, the challenges on governance of statistical systems and innovative aspects of statistics production. The main topics of the conference also cover specific ESS governance related issues like the organisation of the second round of peer reviews within the European Statistical System, quality aspects of policy relevant indicators as well as quality assurance in the implementation of the ESS Vision.

The general objective of the conference is to enhance the dissemination of knowledge on emerging questions related to Quality in Official Statistics, to foster and increase the cooperation between users and producers of Official Statistics as well as the exchange of good practices.

Main topics of the conference:

  • Governance of the statistical system
  • Quality Management
  • Business process quality
  • Quality assurance in implementing the ESS Vision


Opening address (Konrad Pesendorfer, Director General, Statistics Austria; PDF 90 KB)

Further information is published on the conference webpage

Special Issue of the Journal of Statistics on Q2014

The broad spectrum of Q2014’s topics is reflected in the present special issue of the Austrian Journal of Statistics (AJS) on Q2014, for which contributors from different areas could be won as authors.

The special issue AJS Vol 44/2 with special guest editors Gerhard Nachtmann and Andreas Quatember can be accessed for free at